Everything you need and nothing useless

Are you bored of bloated all-in-one softwares? If you need an effortless way to track your time, then NoTime is the choice for you. It is flexible, fast and agile, just like working life in the 2020s.

  • Timesheets
  • Reports
  • Client information
  • Users and user roles
  • Invoice generator

Value your and your clients’ time

When you sell your own knowledge at an hourly rate or pay your employees based on working hours, time is money. NoTime is designed for hour-rate based business and it makes possible various wage models, commissions and invoicing directly from time tracking.

User friendly and reliable by default

Nobody likes to do their timesheets or invoices. NoTime is a time tracking tool designed by knowledge workers for knowledge workers. It is streamlined and fast to use. No unneeded features, just the necessities.

Seamless integration with accounting

Agility is about leaving pointless steps away. NoTime integrates with Finnish accounting systems, both invoicing and payrolls. Manage flexitime, part-time and freelancers easily.

Standing with the change

Teamwork, flexiwork, intrapreneurship, freelancers and value networks of professionals. 

Markets of time and know-how have broken out of the world of timecards. At the center, there is a professional seeking for sensibility, fluency and efficiency. Provided with the time tracking tool for a new era, you are not fighting against the change. Instead you are keeping pace and supporting a competent, flexible and healthy work community to enhance your competitiveness.

Time tracking on your terms

Usability is a key factor in all user roles. NoTime is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for all users.

Ease of handling timesheets

Tracking your time should be as easy as possible. If the threshold for everyday use rises, it also means more inaccurate entries. When hours are quick and easy to enter and it is a part of daily routine, you save yours and your colleagues’ nerves.

Minimise errors and oblivion

Days can be busy and it is easy to forget to enter your hours. Automatic reminders can help you with that. Options for signing and approval ensure that projects are done and you can be sure of the validity of entries.

Send invoices easily and get paid faster

When you are invoicing hourly, the timesheet data has to be easy to gather and information must be valid. With NoTIme you can create invoices in no time and you get paid faster.

Seamless and reliable

Invoicing and payroll information integrate securely and seamlessly with your accounting software. At the moment NoTime is compatible with Netvisor, Procountor and Talenom.

Commissions or monthly wages? Or both?

Versatile cooperation and wage models set demands on time tracking systems. With NoTime, handling flexiwork, part-time work and commissions is hassle free.

Flexible and scalable

The future is networks of professionals. The flexibility of freelancing and intrapreneurship increasingly motivates creative professionals. When your company needs additional workforce, you can easily add freelancers to your NoTime time tracking.


NoTime time tracking suits you when your business is based on hourly invoicing and demands flexibility with wage and invoicing models.


Software and technology companies

When you are coding a better world in a flow state, your timesheets are not at the top of mind. Streamlined NoTime doesn’t slow you down while keeping better track of the whole team’s work.


Expert organisations

When teams and projects change flexibly based on current demands, the time tracking must keep up. Even when your organisation is geographically widespread and entails individual entrepreneurs as employees, the key is to work toward mutual goals.


Design companies and consultants

Time tracking must be accurate when you offer know-how at an hourly rate. At the same time, wage models can be versatile – everything from commissions to freelancers – without forgetting the collective agreements of different professionals. NoTime offers freedom to take advantage of your professional know-how without compromising the accuracy of the invoicing.



Someone’s odd job is another’s freedom. In the 2020s worklife, the freedom to build your own daily routine is attracting professionals to become freelancers. When you take care of the time tracking and commissions flexibly you show respect for freelancers and you build a great network of professionals around you and your business.

NoTime pricing

We want to offer better time tracking for small and medium companies.



30 €/month




55 €/month




75 €/month




99 €/month


Even a small company deserves a proper time tracking tool. NoTime is easy to set up and it scales for your needs. Simple monthly or annual subscription without hidden fees.

Free for one user. If you have more than 50 users, please contact us.

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