Fast and reliable hour logging

NoTime is an easy-to-use hour logging tool for expert companies of all sizes.

You can enter hours directly for projects or export them to invoicing or salary payments – in no time!

Free for freelancers – reasonably priced for others.



The agile NoTime tool enables you to:

  • Log project hours
  • Add notes to hour entries
  • Track the accumulated hours and monitor the balance
  • Enter absences for vacations and absences due to sickness
  • Take midweek holidays into account in the accumulated hours
  • Submit comprehensive hour reports
  • Import customer data from Talenom
  • Transfer hour entries and customer data to Talenom for invoicing and salary payments
  • Manage users and access rights
  • Export hour entries in CSV format


Fast hour logging for experts

When it takes no time to log your working hours, logging them becomes routine. And when your hour entries are up to date, tracking actual project hours becomes more reliable and invoicing becomes more accurate. The easy-to-use NoTime tool enables you to log hours via a browser on your computer or phone.

Employees with different salary models? No problem!

Regardless of whether you use full-time or part-time employees, freelancers, or something in between, NoTime makes logging their hours a walk in the park! You can allow for different salary models and provisions, both in salary payments and in invoicing. NoTime includes integration with Talenom, making salary payments and invoicing even easier.

Easy hour report management

Many businesses still use Excel or other spreadsheet tools to keep track of hours. Switch to NoTime and save time, improve security, and increase the visibility of project progress. Your experts can log their working hours directly for customer projects over the course of the workday and, if necessary, enter notes about the project in conjunction with the logged hours – even on mobile devices.

Only pay for what you need

If most of your organization’s employees only use the ERP system for logging their hours, you may be paying for features you don’t need. What’s more, big applications can be too unwieldy to quickly log hours, raising the threshold for logging them as a matter of routine.

NoTime is an agile tool for tracking working hours, with features that are easy to learn and easy to use on a daily basis.

Simple is beautiful – even when it comes to hour logging

NoTime is super accessible, clear, and straightforward for all user roles.

Effortlessness to facilitate daily routines

Logging hours should be effortless. Otherwise, the threshold for doing it on a daily basis is too high and the entries may not be up to date. Making the task a quick and natural part of the day saves time and stress.

Minimize oversights and mistakes

Workdays can be busy, and oversights happen. Automatic reminders to log hours keep the wheels well-oiled. When admins have the option to acknowledge and approve, you can be sure that your hours are correctly and properly logged.

Log your hours wherever your work takes you

You can log your working hours quickly and easily whenever and wherever you are without interrupting your flow – on a computer or on a smartphone.

Speed up the financial cycle

If you invoice on an hourly basis, it is important to know that reports are correct and the invoicing bases are quick and easy to compile. With NoTime, you can quickly put together the invoice details, including breakdowns, and transfer the data to Talenom, speeding up the whole invoicing cycle.

Provision or fixed? Or both?

Expert organizations often use a wide range of different cooperation and salary models. With NoTime, you can monitor your logged hours, drift, part-time work, and provision models.

Unbeatable flexibility

Easily add or remove users and only pay when necessary. You can also provide your freelancers or contractors with an easy way to log their working hours for your company’s projects.

Flexibility belongs to everyone

The NoTime hour logging system is at its best when your business model is based on hourly invoicing and when it requires flexible salary and invoicing models.



When you spend your days staying in the flow, coding the coolest features in the world, logging your hours may not be the first thing on your mind. The streamlined NoTime doesn’t slow you down, and it keeps you up to speed on what your team is doing.



Free your creativity and don’t let a rigid hour logging system ruin anyone’s day. With NoTime, up-to-date working hour entries enable your Account Manager or Project Manager to easily keep an eye on the progress of the projects of your employees and freelancers.



If you sell your time and expertise, it is important to keep a close eye on your hours. By the same token, there may be a wide range of different salary models, from entrepreneurs working on provision to various employment contracts. NoTime gives your employees the freedom to earn through their know-how as flexibly as necessary – and your customers receive accurate invoices right on time



One person’s temporary employment is the next person’s freedom. Many people are attracted to the freedom of freelancers to plan their time-use. Flexible hour logging and payments enable you to show that you value your mobile workforce and attract the best talent.


We provide freelancers as well as SMB’s with a tool for better time-use. The service is free for 1 user. If you have more than 50 users, get in touch using the form below.



30 €/month




55 €/month




75 €/month




99 €/month


Even small businesses deserve a proper time-tracking tool. NoTime is easy to adopt, and you can scale it to your needs.

The service is free for 1 user.

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